May. 1st, 2017

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 White Flag by Dido

I adore the song, okay? I do is awesome!! and Dido's vice is great, it has a kickass vid and all

but it was teh song my stalker left for me every time he called for like six years until i found a way to get him blocked.

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yesterday was R's bday; sweetheart couldn't avoid his family... 

finally the renovations at parent's house are done.

and i have an interview for a better job on tuesday.
so far may seems to be far better thanApril andI'm only one hour into it.

Oh I got diagnosed with HB, it's my family0s curse so yeah...
i went on a silly shopping spree with my sister W, she's acting weird and bought a million weird things; I bought a decent looking sweater andone shirt that had every eyebrow up sice I tried it on, it's white... with pink stripes, yep, me adult I only wear black Kali will wear a pink striped shirt... in my defense it looks pretty and screams summer.

so that... I'm going to bed.
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 Born to Raise Hell by  Mötorhead.

basicaly everything Mötorhear ever played was great; Lemmy is like the greatest singer ever in my book. Have you heard his rendition of Enter Sandman? he makes Hetfield sound like a sissy.

Don't you be scared, don't you be scared
Everybody terrified, it don't seem fair
What are you waiting for
What do you think you were created for

And I'm already shouting loud enough to scare anyone around.

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