Feb. 2nd, 2017

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Dear [livejournal.com profile] liverpool46 I know is not much yet, buit it's taking shape and will be posted soon.
here have a taste of it for now.

It was the mongrels, all three of them gen and her mongrels attacked him and Jared had no idea of what to do; he knew it was in part his fault, nobody dared to wander in the woods by himself by the river near the full moon knowig what those days meant for omegas. he sat on the floor, knees scrapped and entire body in pain, string of fish thrown by his side; he started crying, he had tried he did his best; but is never enough, never enough against them.
Why he decided to go fishing? what was he thinking?

He better get a grip and clean himself, if the tribe see him like this? if they find out what happened? tainted, touched, ruined; nobody would want him, he'd be stonned before the moon changes.

He ran to the river and dove head first, he used the scent of lemon flowers to hide the alphas' scent, and the markers of pain and then he cried until his eyes went dry. then plastering a smile on his face took his fish and marched back to the tribe's camp.

He waved friends and neighbors, those who helped him last winter when his parents had died; usually he'd be mated by now but he was just too young, he was to find a mate withtin the next season he had been said, and he was now only waiting to see who offered him a home as their mate.

"what happened to your knees?" Tahmoh the tallest warrior asked and looked in his eyes, nose flaring open.

Jared swallowed hard and let out a shy "I fell near the river..." he smiled and going around the warrior marched to his small tent.

he could hear the horses and the hooting of others welcoming the scouts. "MONGRELS!!" they shouted. "Mongrels were found in our lands." people were gathering around the scouts; worried voices murmuring over what they were saying. "they were bragging about the virgin they ruined by the river." Jared held his breath and scrunched his eyes.

Everything went silent after a while and he went to bed crying.

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