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Tittle :Szarabasjka
Rating: G the whole story
Gender: Fantasy
Characters: characters created thinking on actors you'll figure it out.
Sumary: Lilly has a faith to fulfill after she lost everything she becomes something else.
An old warrior turned his head hearing voices and cries, his granddaughter had in hands one of the wooden swords he use to train the knights.

He had been a great warrior, brave and strong, and he was still, but now also trained knights for his king, one of them got close to inform about the kids.

"Her brother and the young Blanchard were bothering her again" he said as some of the men laughed at the little girl’s attempt to fight off the bigger boys.

Sir Arthur watched as the kids kept fighting "Enough!!!" yelled his brother "let go" hitting her hand with his sword making her drop hers and cry running away embarrased.

“Owen!” The old man called his grandson while walking to the two boys. “Come here you two!” The two strong kids get close. Only a year or so apart from each other Owen was only a little more built than his friend.

"Yes Sir." They answered in unison.

"How old is you sister" Asked him serious

"seven" said together again

"and mistreating a seven year old girl is alright?"

"we were just having fun" answered the smaller one

"listen to me John, mistreating people is always fun for those who are more powerful, that's how the tyrants are made" and to his grandson again "who greet you when you arrive home, tired and sore?"

"Lilly" said not understanding, his grandfather took one of the swords from the floor

"what would happen to you if she were not there?" Owen lowered his eyes "you no longer have your mothers nor your father, you only have each other, and your job is to look after her" the older man kept talking to the kids " both your job, what would happen if she stop loving you two?" they looked at each other "go clean yourselves we have guests for dinner" watched them walking away and turned, he knew exactly where to find her, she was near to a tombstone talking to it "she's not gonna help you nut" The girl turned her eyes, They weren't red, she wasn't crying, wasn't sad, Lilly was angry "what's the matter?" asked once he got next to Lilly
"Owen..." She spat angrily. "He beat me because I'm weak." Her hand was bleeding but she didn't seem to notice it. Gently, her grandfather took it and wrapped it in with a clean cloth from his pocket.

"I don't think so ... you're not trained like they are." She made two tries to talk but finally decided to remain silent "Come... show me that swing you did with the sword." He said as he gave her the wooden one he carried. Taking the real one from his belt and he watched her swing the blade again. She was strong and had great ability "Where did you learn that?"
"Watching... Rhys has been trying it months, he can't do it, right?"
"True..." he couldn't hide a smile measuring her "You could beat Owen." He turned and started walking back to the castle with her. “After Piano come to the yard, you're not weak, and you'll use the exercise to build your strength."

*** )
FINALLY!!afte3r a life time this story is DONE!!! it is still poorly revised, but I'm on it now, so calm your horses people, and let me check okay?

STILL!!  let me know if  I made obvious big mistakes please remember I'm an over-tired resident with no strenght to keep her grammar.
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I've been filling prompts for the SPN kinkmeme - don't judge I was told that my writing could improve if I try different things and it kinda did- So here you have my Masterpost, I'm still working on it, so if any of you guys knows of one of them that's missing let me know so I can get the link here.

A/N: some fics are now on my AO3 account so don't worry if you're redirected there.

Autocorrect Castiel and his inability to text (1/1)

Hope Meg carrying Cas' baby 5 parts complete.

Don't you cry no more Abandoned pets, Animal!jeff, Jensen/&Tahmoh, Misha complete

Gentle mother Castiel praying before a battle 3 parts complete.

Aching  dean, sam; sacrifice,/devotion

Angels nest  FILL for an art request: Dean/Jo/Castiel, wing snuggling

Crazy Love sort of Telephatic bond

If I had just One more Day
   J2 asshole!jensen/Jared H/C, happy ending complete.

Do you Hear What I Hear Castiel left in awe gen complete

Take Me Home J2 Jared hits on the wrong guy Jensn has to save him. Complete. (Jared/Jensen, hurt/comfort, homophobia, savior kink)

Back To Heaven J2 PreShalsh H/C complete

Coming Back J2 One motorist, one recluse, one clod night complete.

Beating Heart In The Flesh Supernatural RPF AU, J2, complete

Healing Wounds
Jensen/Misha about the time J2 went too far teasing MIsha on set. complete

Chasing it  Death by Djin poison. gen

Heartbeat J2, one line prompt *You said your heart would always beat for me. Why can't I hear it now?*

Lost Wincest, one line prompt *You said your heart would always beat for me. Why can't I hear it now?*

Special order J2 coffeshop AU

Big News Jared/Gen, A/B/O, Mpreg, Fpreg

Love Of My life J2 death!fic, one cannot survive without the other, this one is a self fill, tried to let it go, but the muse came one night and it only took a day or two (and then forgot it and answered my own post feeling like such a douche)

Do it for Daddy Jeff/Jensen daddykink

Show me (Fill for the meme that I inda linked to my personal LJ for reasons.) J2, homophobia, Love is something you have to prove is real.

Hope is a dangerous thing to lose J2 being kicked out of the closet and being bullied Jared is sent to a boarding school where a kid just killed himself.

Over Sam and Dean's breakup  S10 finale spoiilers

At 2am J2 non-con turning, torture and others, graphic violence, angst, the omega wins at the end.

Friend of my brother, my brother Dean/Cas, Sam/Cas, shift of affections.

At Home underage, molesting of aminor, happy ending

Lady Dragon Danneel/Jensen spanking, discipline, all consenting.

Farewell J2,
final moments together for a long time...or forever.

Sentence J2, final moments together for a long time...or forever.

The Smell of coconut and hazelnut J2, final moments together for a long time...or forever.

Castus and the Light lost the prompt Gabriel gen fic winning a yes from the vessel

Not everyone wants to hurt you J2 angst, virgin!jensen determined!Jared, (this one made me travel for a week to avoid the memoeries)

If I don't have you J2 non-con turning, castration protectiveness, happy ending (this one will be edited and reposted soon)

Cowboy hat Strong past abuse non con Jensen, Gen

Viral Video J2, falling in love, lvoe at first sigh


Break Away


Still Alpha

Wear a Condom

I'd love to know you like my stories or that you have read them so... any comment would be largely appreciated, even if anon.
thank you all for putting up with my rambling.

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Yeah... I know nobody actually read my fics even less original stories, but now and then I need to read some because I kinda want to edit and enhace bits and so.. and I have to go all the way scrolling down to 2004 and it's annoying since I never actually kept them in one magic post...

Here we go:

Ufinished )
Dean Winchester's Birthdays series )
Like Real Life series )
Others )
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 things are a mesws, I'm tired, I'm bored and I've been working like a dog...
I love my life.
R is fine, even if we had to... like not see each other for over a week again (seriously, is this what adult relationships are like?)

I'm still hunting for a place that kind sark my interest.
and of course every day on the train I have this small thing kicking the back of my seat, "are you done? are you done? are you gonna update? are you gonna write again?" it is kinda freaky when I have the urge to turn artound and snap at it to cut it off or i'll delete every file on the tablet.... 

but I'm sorry I've been not writing so stories/fics/drabbles are on hold for a bit longer.

pretty much that.. life is fine, for once, even if I'm not where I was supposed to be, even if I'm not how I was supposed to be and even if I survived yet another year without him. it took a lot of effort to do things like usual this month.

some say Always, Some say Okay, Some say Forever, I'd be forever Sorrow. becvause in Spetember Sorrow means so much more.

<i>"Sweet Merry Doll" he greeted with a dismissive smile. "I've seen teh BlackEagle fight, a sweet merry doll like you cannot order me around, go back and tell your mistress I'll only deal with someone born on a noble cradle." the lady, almost half a foot shorter moved closer after jumping down her horse, her banner still high in the hands of her esquire. 
"sweet you call me, thought I'm not, nor I'm merry... and Doll?" her eyes ablaze with blottled fury and power and her face as cold and hard as stone. " I am no doll unless Dolls have claws and fangs and fire..." the man backed away scared of the fierce creature in front of him, and the clothe that seemed flames on her hair that the wind was waving aroud. She smiled; her sword already out of the sheet. "you will respect Irina Borkbal, from the Crown House of the dessrts of fire, or I'll have you fearing her."
the knights snickered as she went back and in one fast jump was on her stallion. "show me the way... My Lord, for your Queen is waiting for me."
the man looked startled to the small group, the simple braid tied with rbbons like fire and the plain clothes, even if in vivid colors. "Lady Borkbal..." the man said with a bow. "Owen Teagan will have you in LIlly's Meadows, The Queen and the King cannot offer you their palace so your uncle cannot claim they're interfeering in your nation's politics or call you a traitor or a prisoner; She sends her apology..."
"Okay, show me the way to this... Teagan man's home..."</i>


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 I like my job, the new one, I do, I really enjoy it!
then why on earth I accepted Herb's and Dr I (long ago progfessor of mine) invite to check their organization?
the place is amazing, the equipments, the movement, everythign is amazing.
excet the people, it's just toxic and so stressful and not because they ahve more movement than any other place, it's because the people working there is not a team!!
I kinda feel bad for not having all that tech and resources and frist line stuff... but I'm fine wthere I am, is not that bad... and is a far better ambience.

so yeah, Still I feel bad for failing my long time friend and a professor I respected so much!! (to explain how much I respecte Dr I, I decide things thinking "Would Dr I be okay with this? ") and i kinda feel I failed them....

Anyways, life is fine, even if I'm kinda conflicted...
just a couple more months and Im moving, my first ever pic/selfie will be of me the first morning in my new place.

I'm alive

Aug. 26th, 2017 12:15 am
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 it is happening again, when I change job my entire lifge turns upside down.
I'm in that phase, I love it!! I do is better and is so comfortable!!
I love my job and finally decided to move, I'm not in a hurry, I'm just looking around, I'm not even planning telling anyone, I'll just move, maybe my monster get caught by surprise and left behind!! HEY one can dream.

hello all, I'm fine, see you soon.
love you all
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 So I've been away for a while, right?
life and shit...
anyway things relevant to post about my enui is still running strong, as usual, goosd thing, R and I are... kinda doing fine. 
new job is demanding and I'm tired as hel but I'm happy not ideal but job anyways, and better than the last one.

and I learned to make this amazing cinnamon rolls that has everyone reeling, seriously, my sisters and my parent practically fought over them and I'm all proud fo myself  :)

so yeah that's it all about me, I'm so lame...
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 falling asleep rght here while talking, I'm about to go to bed and is quite early, I'm finally sleeping and even f blue in a god place mentally.
did I mentioned I have another job finally' finally see light at the end of the tunel, better hours, better team, and the only other doctor on my watch is less an ass than he looks, and hes quite young so it must be very... intimidating having me there all know-it-all and stuff...
I'll try to be a good person I swear..
good night, God bless you all
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 I have a friend/more than friends loved one in venezuela, he went to Caracas for a bit and couldn't get out of the country because of reasons; last time we had contact was on July 7th, and now nothing!!
seriously!! NOTHING!! I'm worried sick and I need him out of there.
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 its been so long.
I don't like the sun the way I used to, i don't feel the same giddy feeling under it.
i don't like your hands anymore, because you're not holding mine, stupid too big too scratchy hands that I miss
i don't like the sound of laughter because like it did years ago it soudns like they're making fun of me.
I don't like the empty space next to me; you were supposed to be here.
I don't like bread because it desn't taste like bets and laughter anymore, I miss the giggling idiot with a smile on his face and mirth in his eyes while i can't stop myself from laughing.
I miss you and I don't like it, I shouldn't have to miss you like this.
I don't like gold, it was your color and every coin looks faded, I don't like the stupid green briefs I still see every time I see into that box, or the picture with the sweaty you, if you were here I won't ever complain of you smelling bad. you greasy big bird, I miss you. the string is there to remind me of you, but it hurts more now than it ever did.

if you were here, I'd have someone to cry with because i can't stop myself when i think of you and I couldn't stop myself when I saw your tears, and you never could stop yourself when i was crying... what a sad picture we made, couple saps being dumb; being dumb alone is not the same, with nobody to clean my tears and then the snot of his own face.
I don't like the sun, the bread, the green briefs because my heart is broken, I don't like missing you and crying without you here  because my heart will never be whole again.

and nobody cares.
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 photobucket sucks monkey ass...
now I need to move files from as far back as 2004 into some other site; postimage aparently.
any other recomendation?

in other news, with Chester's death I forgot what else was yesterday. it was my sweetest A birthday and he'll be having a fit if he were still here.
I miss hsi serious face, I miss his hands, the scratchy beard and the bluest eyes, I miss the duck smile and the scar there where I have mine too.
I miss you ass where are you?
happy birthday to the guy who will never have another birthday.
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Depression is not easy; depression is a monster you don't want to fight.
because you don't fight a thing in front of you that you can run away from; you fight yourself and nobody knows you better; nobody else knows how to hurt you worst.

losing someone close to you; not having the one who was your north is awful, the need to join them is so strong, add adictions and I bet you'll be ready for a coffin.
why you? why you who were the voice of my teen years? why you the one concert I enjoyed the most,.
Why you couldn't fight one more day, one more night...  one more battle.?

its over now,  and I kinda envy you, because as someone once stated, when you die it's over for you, but is never over for those who stay here; without you.

hope you found peace in the end; and hope you don't remember the pain, (I know there was some pain) 
wherever you go, wish you calm peace and rest.
Good Bye the voice of my pain, the sound of my tears, good bye Chester Bennington.

Clutching my cure
I tightly lock the door
I try to catch my breath again
I hurt much more than any time before
I have no options left again
I don't want to be the one the battles always choose
'cause inside I realize that I'm the one confused

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 my life right now is a hectic mess, I'm almost falling asleep and is notg even midnight; I'm going to bed early ffs...

so yeah I'm alive and fine, don't worry, just busy.
love you all sorry I missed birthdays and a couple dates.
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 I'm seriously not sure why i do this to myself; after a couple failed dated R caled yesterday and told me he feels I'm being distracted/unatentive/cold (this is the word he used); and he wanted to know if something was wrong.
and I'm not sure what's wrong, I still like him, I still want him, in more ways than one but... is like this is the limit, this is as far as I can go; as far as I can be with someone.
I might have been screwing the best thing I've had in like 7 years.

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 I made a mistake tonight; I opened the wrong drawer and it was like changing channels to a time when his smile was here. 
I saw that shirt,  the one with the checkered pattern and those ugly old jeans. 
I remember I used to laugh at his attempts to be serious for pictures when I knew he wanted to laugh. 
I heard the voice the sound the laugh the sun in that stupid smile and those gentle eyes.
It was like changing channels to a time when you were with me and I cannot go back,  I cannot pretend it didn't happen and that I don't want to cry because I miss you. 
He was my sun; never to rise again. 
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 someone help me!!
how do I crosspost from LJ? how do I have on my DW my LJ posts? is there a way? does LJ allows it?
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Fill to this PROMPT 

Tittle; BOYS
Author; Kali
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Mary Winchester, Castiel, mentions of Garth, John Winchester and Deanna Campbell
Kinks: fluf , transformation, cute, family, care
Rating: G
Pairings: none.

Boys )
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 I tihnk is your self respect and/or your luck.
dearest R; the sweetest guy on this earth, yet a closet kinky ass... is sick like a dog, aparently i got him sick and still he says he's sorry,  sweetheart lol

it's so undiginfying having me giggling like a dumbass at my phone...

anywho... things are fine even if I'm not having time to update my stories.
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 and why do I mention them? because while I'm not allergic i do have  lots of troubl eprocessing peanuts and i have no idea why i do that to myself...
anywyay, why is it important I had peanuts? 
because i had the craziest sweetest dream in a while. I was in a presentation/tour of some kind and Gordon Ramsay sat next to me and told me my pie was very good, he gave me a couple tips on how to handle stress and then called me love and got up.saying he'll be back
I turned again and his pace was taken by this tall and gangly goofy guy... Matt Smith!!

we laughed, we whispered nonsens ena dhis hand felt warm in mine, then he made fin of me for sometyhing and when i piouted hugged me. I didn't want him to leave but Goprdon wanted hsi chair and Matt left.

it makes no sense but it was a cute dream, it was like being withthe rincipal and my best friend at the same time.

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